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I-LAB (Innovation Laboratory)


I-LAB or Innovation Laboratory is students - entrepreneurs - national authorities cooperation platform for solving different problems using creative and innovative approach.

Innolab process step by step:

1) Company or public body applies and presents the problem;
2) Students applies for solving particular problem;
3) ZTC in cooperation with students and company establish multidisciplinary team of students;
4) Students work in a team and find the solution of the problem in product / service demo / prototype form.

Benefits for students:

  • Opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team;
  • Opportunity to work on real and innovative products / services;
  • Opportunity to gain work experience by working with real projects coming from companies or public bodies.
Benefits for enterprises:
  • Opportunity to gain a new and innovative perspective on products / services;
  • Opportunity to assess students' skills and attract young and talented professionals;

We offer:

  • Space for work and meetings;
  • Internet, WiFi, access to office equipment;
  • Access to laboratories;
  • Mentoring;
  • Close cooperation with enterprises and various trainings (lectures, seminars);

How to get involved?

Innovation laboratory will start to operate in SPRING 2016!
Opening event - 18th of February, 4 PM, room T203 (Terbatas street 10, Valmiera)

We are supported by:

Innolab is realized by Erasmus + program strategic partnership project Innolab "Student Innovation Labs - a way to promote sustainable and socially Responsible growth" financial support.

Additional information:
Elina Baranovska
Society and Science Project Manager, "Innolabs" project manager
E-mail: elina.baranovska@va.lv
Phone: 64207227, 22318006


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