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Project INNOLABS “Student innovation labs – a way to sustainable and socially responsible growth” aims to raise bottom-up innovation capacity for the benefit of sustainable and socially responsible growth in Estonia, Latvia and Cyprus, based on the experience from Denmark and the Netherlands.

Project objectives are:
1) To learn about student based innovation labs in the Netherlands and Denmark;
2) To transfer, mutually earn and disseminate knowledge about student based innovation labs;
3) To establish cross sectoral, co-creation innovation labs linking universities, intermediaries (innovation and sustainability agents), local industries and stakeholders;
4) To link education with practical innovation projects by engaging universities students and teachers to work on practical, multidisciplinary sustainability and social issues on the selected practical projects (linking with their cities / regions), creating together new innovative projects or ventures which benefit the issues of sustainability or society, as a part of their education;
5) To develop and carry out 4-5 projects for Innovation labs in each community;
6) To disseminate project results.

Start and end date: 01.09.2014.-31.08.2016.

ViA role in the project: to take over the experience of the Netherlands and Denmark. To establish innovation laboratory. To carry out 4-5 innovation projects.

Partners involved: “Foundation for society” (lead partner, Latvia); Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Latvia); Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus); Estonian Institute for Sustainable Development (Estonia); Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia); Aalborg University (Denmark); NHL University (the Netherlands).

The project is financially supported by the European Union. Project Grant. No. 2014-1-LV01-KA200-000521

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Project news:

30.03.2015. - Students innovation labs - a way to sustainable and socially responsible growth

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