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E-courses for long-term patients

datorprasmes_logo_apgriztsAim of the project "Integration of long-term patients into the job market by providing ICT skills acquisition" is to promote people from social exclusion group – long-term patients suffering from chronical illnesses – integration back to labour market and as well society by motivating and providing useful IT knowledge while undergoing period of illness and rehabilitation.

IT skills related distance-learning program will be created, based on the analysis of basic and advanced IT skills in Latvian labor market, research on available infrastructure and social climate and the long-term requirements of the patients in Latvian hospitals, as well as based on the Norwegian University of Science and Technology experience. The distance-learning program will be piloted in 4 Latvian hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Local non-governmental organizations that on a daily basis are dealing with social exclusion risk groups in the region will serve as a platform to implement the activity. In order to attract the wider audience, an ambitious promotion campaign will be organized.

Start and end date: 01.09.2014.-31.04.2016.

ViA role in the project: To take over the experience from Norway colleagues. To develop content, online environment and set up IT technology solution for distance-learning system.

Partners involved: “Foundation for society” (lead partner, Latvia); Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia Red Cross Saldus Committee - association, Aluksne NGO support center, Latvia Red Cross Dobele Committee - association, Ventspils Regional NGO Support centre

Financial support: EEA Financial Mechanism


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