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Lifelong learning measures for the employed

The project objective: So that persons under the risk of unemployment could increase and develop skills and abilities necessary for a job. A possibility is ensured for involving adults in lifelong learning according to the following programs:
•    professional development programs;
•  informal education programs (communication in the native language, communication in foreign languages, mathematic skills and basic skills in natural sciences and the latest technologies, digital skills, learning, social and civil skills,  self initiative and entrepreneurship, understanding and expression of culture);  
•    the education program which requires training of a person at the risk of unemployment is established by a person at the risk of unemployment in cooperation with a career consultant by employing the coupon system.

Characterization of the target group:

•    person is in employment relationships or is self-employed;
•    person is at least 25 years old;
•    person has received a career consultant statement which confirms the necessity for involvement in the particular training of education program to increase the competitive ability in the job market;
•    the last formal or informal education person has received at least 12 months ago.

 Maximum support of 250 LVL is envisaged for a person who complies with at least one of the following criteria:
•    the person is disabled;
•    the person has been recognized as poor.

Persons who do not comply with the aforementioned criteria have to ensure a 30% co-payment of the support amount.


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