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kaspars_osis_web_ramis_garsDirector of Knowledge and Technology centre
Dr.sc.ing. Kaspars Osis  Linkedin_logo

Kaspars has 20 years of international professional work experience in IT industry, specializing on software solutions, project management and consulting enterprise resource planning system modeling and development. He is a graduate of Central Michigan University majoring in computer science and in business computing, as well as doctoral studies carried out in the Riga Technical University. Kaspars has 14 years of academic and research work experience and currently is also Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences associate professor at the Faculty of Engineering and a member of IEEE.

E-mail: kaspars.osis@va.lv, phone: 64207227, 28374150


Manager of Social Science Projects (in long-term absence)

Mg.sc.tqm. Elina Baranovska

Elina is a graduate of Riga Technical University and has studied one year in Troyes Technical University in France. Practical experience in project management is obtained by implementing a number of cross-border cooperation and local projects.

E-mail: elina.baranovska@va.lv, phone: 64207227, 22318006


Manager of Technological Projects
Mag.theol. Laura Fisere

Laura is a graduate of Latvian Christian Academy. Laura has practical project management experience in the educational, social and art fields. There have been realized local and international projects.

E-mail: laura.fisere@va.lv, phone: 64207227, 27867788


Manager of Social Science Projects Linkedin_logo
Bc.oec. Madara Narnicka

Madara has graduated University of Huddersfield professional marketing bachelor study program. Madara has international management experience in foreign organization

E-mail: madara.narnicka@va.lv, phone: 64207227, 20242590


Manager of Lifelong Learning Projects
Iveta Skrinda

Iveta has practical experience in administrating local grant programs, preparation of procurement documentation, as well as with questions related to bookkeeping. Iveta has finished a project management course and has also received a certificate, that allows her to carry out pedagogical work in professional and interest education programs.

E-mail: iveta.skrinda@va.lv, phone: 64207227, 28374150


Lifelong Learning Coordinator 
Armands Aivo Astukevics

Armands is a student of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences study program Governance and Inovation. Armands has practical local project management experience, as well as interest and experience in the field of youth politics. 

E-mail: armandsaivo.astukevics@va.lv, phone: 64207227, 28374150 

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