Idea about D vitamin measurement with optical sensor gains support in "Deep Science Hackathon 2018"

We are proud to congratulate Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Socio-technical Systems Engineering Institute's director Ojārs Balcers with the great achievement and victory within the first LU Institute of Solid State Physics hackathon with an idea about vitamin D measuring with optical sensor!

In competition of eight ideas, this idea within LU Institute of Solid State Physics hackathon “Deep Science Hackathon 2018” jury chose as best of all business projects. Hackathon was the first "Materize" activity, which is the new institute platform for science service export and cooperation with the industry in the high-tech field.

This innovative idea changes the way how D vitamin gets measured in the organism, for example, children and adults no longer would need to have blood samples taken to measure it - instead optical sensor would be used. Taking in consideration the negative consequences that lack of D vitamin causes to an organism, innovative technology would help a lot of people, especially in the regions, where there is lack of sunlight, as well as in Latvia.

We wish the best of luck and success in further development of the idea!