Online streaming

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) offers a great opportunity for online streaming such as  for seminars, discussions, lectures and other events!

ViA provide:

  1. Filming group of two people;
  2. Required basic equipment: portable computer, one wireless microphone, one camera;
  3. Using the Measure / Authority logo for live video on the corners of the image;
  4. PIP (image in image) function, live streaming in video image, combining multiple sources of video signals (for example, camera video signal and presentation material);
  5. Processing of the beginning and end of the live stream;
  6. If necessary, store live material on the camera media, then copy on the client's data carriers;
  7. Consultation on the necessary technical solutions.

The organizer of the event must be aware of any additional costs that might occur: 

  1. Stable internet connection for 10 Mbit uploads in 720p live;
  2. account, live broadcast or other platform for live broadcasting;
  3. Audible signal should be foreseen. 

Additional information:

  1. Live retention is 1-3 minutes;
  2. The maximum duration of the live stream is 8 hours, if it is used on the Youtube channel, the live broadcast of the longest event must be planned and divided;
  3. Live streaming in the clients Youtube user channel;
  4. Live streaming should be static without reporting overviews while navigating / following the site;
  5. The provision of live broadcasts outdoors is limited, in the case of precipitation it is not possible.
  6. The total cost of a live event depends on the duration and venue of the event.
  7. The minimum duration of the action on which the invoice is invoiced is 3h.