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Become a Study Course listener!

Vidzeme Lifelong Learning Centre (VLLC) offers an opportunity to acquire particular courses of an academic study programs in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA), during which anyone with higher or secondary education has an opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge together with students.

Today VLLC offers extensive education programs, which are influenced by labour market demand and needs and interests of potential study course attendants. One of those opportunities is the chance to become a Study Course listener. If you need to acquire specific knowledge for your professional activities or you simply are interested in a particular study course that is offered by ViA, you have a chance to become a Study Course listener and realise your wishes.

If you have secondary education, you can apply for attendance of the courses from bachelor’s or college’s study programs - Timber construction and Eco - building, Information Technologies, Mechatronics, Business Administration, Communication and Public Relations, Media Studies and Journalism, Political Science, Tour Guide and Tourism Organization and Management. But if you already have higher education, VLLC offers to attend courses from master’s study programs - Business Environment Administration, Governance and Communication, Socio- technical Systems Modelling and Strategic Tourism Management - or from program of professional higher education-Translator- offered study courses.

Study Course listeners have an opportunity to acquire the content of study course, take an exam, receive assessment and also take part and to comprehend the environment of University, and after the successful completion of the course receive a ViA certificate. Study Course attendants also have free access to resources of ViA library and computer labs/ study rooms.


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