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Lifelong Learning is an educational process throughout the lifetime, which is based on changing needs to obtain knowledge, skills and experience, to improve or change qualification according to the labour market demands, personal interests and needs.

Lifelong Learning includes all forms of education:

  • formal education, which includes primary, secondary and higher education levels;
  • non-formal education, which provides required skills and abilities to integrate into society and labor market;
  • daily learning, which includes all the knowledge and skills gained during everyday experiences that enrich the human experience in general.

Main activities:

  • Open University;
  • Preparatory courses for secondary school graduates to take centralized exams in certain subjects (e.g. English, Latvian, Mathematics);
  • Centralized secondary school exams;
  • Modular customer-made courses for the individuals and job-seekers;
  • Foreign language courses (English, German, French, Russian, Norwegian) and Latvian language courses;
  • Computer classes for adults;
  • Professional training for teachers/trainers;
  • Participation in various local and international projects to build partnerships and promote lifelong learning, especially vocational training;
  • Organization and management of various educational seminars and conferences.

We offer:

  • Positive and comfortable learning environment;
  • Professional and competent lecturers;
  • Certificate of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences;
  • Flexible course payment system;
  • Education programs - interesting and suitable for the requirements of the actual labor market.

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