About ZTC

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) Knowledge and Technology Centre (ZTC) aim is to transfer university intellectual potential, technologies and innovation to the economics and to promote access to lifelong learning in the Vidzeme region. ZTC mission is to strengthen the trilateral cooperation between universities, industry and local government institutions with a common aim to promote innovation, competitiveness and regional and general economic development.

Knowledge and Technology centre (ZTC) is department of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences that has been established on 1st of September 2014. ZTC has overtook the services of Vidzeme Lifelong Learning centre that offers different formal and non-formal education programs.

ZTC offers:

Support for young entrepreneurs:
• pre-incubation;
• cooperation with business incubators.

Cooperation in the region, Latvia and abroad:
• with educational and scientific institutions;
• with partners from private, public and non-governmental sectors.

Consultation and individual solutions for individuals and legal entities:
• students practice laboratory;
• innovation laboratory;
• participation in development projects.

High quality lifelong learning services:
• Open University;
• individual and non-formal education programs;
• professional development programs;
• preparatory courses for university applicants and students from comprehensive schools.

You do not want to rent a separate office? We offer to rent a work desk!
• We offer remote job opportunities.

Organization and participation in conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

Use of ViA infrastructure.

We are open to your ideas!