Record-keeping system

Record-keeping system (RKS) provides a convenient opportunity to manage the flow of information in the company.

The system registers all incoming and outgoing organization's documents, besides the system maintains a digital format copies. With the RKS it is possible to delegate tasks to specific individuals and to follow the execution status. Safe and secure access is provided via a web browser.


Typical applications are for SME's:

  • A single register system – all of the company's registers of documents are in one place; at the same time a number of employees can operate with these documents;
  • Resource saving – by recording documents electronically it is possible to work without the registration journals, and there is no need to copy the documents because they are available in scanned form in RKS;
  • Save time by searching for records and documents – easy search and systematization of documents;
  • Documents control – using RKS, it is possible to control both – the expiry date of the contracts, as well as the date of documents implementation;
  • Convenient documents ordering – RKS offers to systematize the documents themselves in desired order.