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SEMPRE Accelerators is an extension of the project SEMPRE—Social Empowerment in Rural Areas. While the focus of SEMPRE/1 was the development of business ideas with tools such as the social business model canvas or the theory of change, the extension stage will go further. The partners will apply additional support mechanisms to accelerate the growth and development of eight of the most promising micro projects and turn them into successful, self-sustaining social start-ups that consistently offer services and/or products on local and regional markets of the Baltic Sea Region. The project will thus create eight good practice examples of dynamic and successful social start-ups that enrich the social service landscape and take pressure off established service providers and public authorities who face increasingly difficult framework conditions for service provision in rural areas. Also the project will enhance three main outputs of the original SEMPRE project - The Empowerment Handbook, The Organisational Roadmap for Leaders and the Guidebook for Empowerment Training. One additional output of the extension stage project is a framework for a more inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem. Its objective is to sensitise decision-makers responsible for innovation support schemes and funding programmes for the potentials and needs of disadvantaged entrepreneurs.

European microcities such as Ventspils and Valmiera play an important role in European economy. They become regional economic hubs, offering comprehensive services, opportunities and a dynamic environment for development. Ventspils and Valmiera are similar in profile. They are the next generation of microcities that use global and digital potential and introduce a series of innovation. Ventspils and Valmiera have formed a strong partnership to address several common challenges.

NatureBizz - Business and Wellness from Green Economy Growth

Green movement and the demand for natural, healthy and ecological products and services offer opportunities for green micro entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs need sector-specific business skills to develop local natural resources into sustainable green business. This project supports the growth of green micro business by proving a joint training programme.  During the training, the entrepreneurs will work with their own practical business development cases. The core aim is the development of natural resources into sustainable green business.





Project "Maximised Mobility and Accessibility of Services in Regions Affected by Demographic Change" (MAMBA) aim is to give both dimensions, people-to-service and service-to-people mobility, a new perspective through improved integration of mobility structures. Based on specific mobility needs in these regions, the MCs will integrate easing mobility options by introducing enhanced management capacities in transport administration, providing digital and non-digital information systems for residents, creating platforms for public and private enterprises to pool transport services and facilitating cooperation between public transport actors and service providers.


Project summary

The project BOOSTED aims at providing an aligned and relevant skillset for the CB region tourism industry to grow as a coherent tourism destination. In practice, the project aligns higher vocational tourism education with the needs of tourism industry and labour market in Finland, Estonia and Latvia into a new, joint curriculum and a study programme (32 ects).