Innovation vouchers



Innovation voucher support program

The Latvian Investment Development Agency (LIAA) has developed an innovation voucher program aimed at strengthening cooperation between business and science. Innovative vouchers for € 25,000 are aimed for micro, small and medium-sized businesses that develop new products or technologies.

The actions supported by the program are the development of a new product or technology, the strengthening of industrial property rights and the certification and testing of new product or technology. A new product in this program could be goods and services that are brand new or have improved their functional properties and intended use that is new or improved at the commercial level. 

The program supports LIAA financing of new products and technology development activities: 

  • Feasibility study;
  • Industrial research;
  • Experimental development, including the production of prototypes;
  • Development of industrial design of products;
  • Testing and certification of new product or technology;
  • Enhancement of industrial property rights for the following industrial property objects: invention patent, design and Topography of semiconductor products.  

Funding: The total available funding is 3,741,885.00 Euros, which is comprised of European Regional Development Fund financing and state budget resources. Support is provided for in the planning document - Operational Program 1.2.1. Specific support objective "Increase private sector investment in R & D" Within the framework of the measure "Support for the improvement of technology transfer system" (LIAA project No. / 16 / I / 001 "Technology transfer program").