Open University

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Knowledge and Technology Centre service „Open University” offers to take study courses from the main academic programs, allowing anybody to acquire skills and competences within specific subject areas. Those ViA students, who are unable to continue their studies because of academic or financial debt have an opportunity to maintain a relationship with the university and continue their studies according to their capabilities.

If you have a secondary education, you are welcome to acquire any of the courses in the following bachelor or college levelprograms:

  • Business Administration
  • Communication and Public Relations
  • Information Technologies
  • Media Studies and Journalism
  • Mechatronics
  • Governance and Innovation
  • Tourism Organisation and Management
  • Tourist Guide – Travel and Event Manager
  • Wooden Houses and Eco-building

If you already have a higher education, you are welcome to acquire any of the courses in the following master level programs:

  • Governance and Communication
  • Business Environment Administration
  • Sociotechnical Systems Modelling 
  • Strategic Tourism Management 
  • Joint Master’s in International Tourism Events Management (in cooperation with Klaipeda University, Lithuania) 

We recommend to use service Open University because it is an opportunity not only to fully acquire the course, take examinations and receive an assessment as regular ViA student, but also engage and understand the environment of university and after successful study process receive ViA certificate.

ViA ZTC certificate includes an indication that an individual has received study credit points of the chosen course. In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers approved Regulations “Regulations on the recognition of learning outcomes acquired in the previous education and professional experience” with this sertificate a person has permittion to request to equate the knowledge, skills and expertise learned in the course at any university in Latvia.

Course listeners have free access to ViA library materials, databases, computer rooms and other resources that facilitates and improves the learning process.

One credit point acquisition cost is € 38.95 for the college and bachelor level programs and € 48.10 for the master level programs.

Additional information:

Inguna Kucina
Manager of Lifelong Learning Projects
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 28374150