VR/AR Laboratory

Virtual and augmented reality laboratory offers: the development of interactive, three-dimensional (3D) environments and scenarios that are focused on VR/AR technologies. In the design of interactive and training systems are used the latest VR/AR systems authoring platforms and CAD software.

The service is the preparation of suitable physical structure, as well as great emphasis is placed on the various scenarios realization in educational process that provides user participation with the various intermediate and different cognitive abilities. The Simplest scenarios are based on the principle of a step-by-step training, when the test scenarios ensure the evaluation of acquired knowledge in training process and after it.
The VR/AR laboratory and the potential areas of action:

  • Industrial training. Scenarios of assembly, disassembly, maintenance and management;
  • Urban planning and architecture. AR solutions for outdoor and indoor;
  • Interactive study tools and equipment for medicine and anatomy;
  • Visualization solutions for logistics, the integration of RFID technologies and real-time object traceability;
  • Entertaining educational environments (gamification, edutainment, serious gaming, game based learning) for libraries, schools and pre-schools;
  • Marketing and product demonstration. Virtual 3D objects in real space (exhibitions, street, etc.).