S-LAB (Student Practice Laboratory)


S-LAB or Student Practice Laboratory is an opportunity for students to do their practical work training and gain practical experience by working in ViA laboratories and developing products or services for private and public sector organizations thereby promoting collaboration between university and industry.

The goal of SP Lab is to develop student practical skills and at the same time to gain experience working in both – university and business environment.

SP Lab is the right place if:

  • You need practical work training but you don’t know where to do it,
  • You want to accomplish something useful,
  • You are interested in finding new and innovative solutions.

Who can take part in SP Lab?

Any ViA student

Gain of participation:

  • A chance to work practically on a project within an academic year or in shorter period,
  • A chance to combine the project with the theme of your Thesis,
  • A chance to work on interdisciplinary project,
  • A chance to have practical work training in your field of interest (also outside the defined study praxis time),
  • Access to laboratories,
  • Supervisors support.

How to get involved?

Participation in SP Lab is available all year long.

Additional information:

Laura Fisere 
Manager for technological projects
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 26463371


Cooperation partners: