Student Practice Laboratory

Studentu prakses laboratorija

Description of the service:

Various project development for businesses and organizations by involving ViA students. It is possible to develop, such projects as database solutions, website web solutions, mobile applications and solutions for document management systems, etc. Student together with the supervisor analyzes each individual situation and offers concrete solutions. If necessary, students from various study fields can be attracted to create a variety of results.

Project development within an academic year:

Student develops project as the study project or bachelor's thesis. To support the project development, the supervisor will be provided. If necessary, it is possible to develop an interdisciplinary project involving of two or more students. For example, the engineering student can develop one part of the project, while the student from the tourism sector can develop the other part of a project.

Result - client receives a solution in form of demonstration or functioning prototype, that can be developed further, if necessary.

Time - from pre-compiled project topics in the spring (usually late May and June) students begin to choose a theme for their work. Final time to choose topics is September. Selected projects are started on September and the final solution is planned to be presented in June along Bachelor's thesis presentation.

Finances - in this type of a project, NO finances are involved.

Project development in shorter period:

Student develops project in shorter period while working in ViA laboratory. To develop the project, one or several students from different sectors such as engineering, media, etc. are involved. Accordingly, solution will be developed both technically and visually. To support the project development, supervisor from academic or administrative staff will be provided.

Result - client receives a solution in the form of demonstration or functioning prototype.

Time - client initiates the project at any time. Project development begins as soon as the student is available. Project development time is determined according to the amount of work and in agreement with the client.

Finanses - in this type of a project finances are involved.

Additional information:

Laura Fisere 
Manager for technological projects
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 64207227, 27867788


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