Vidzeme as an IT Mecca

Vidzeme region’s IT entrepreneurs are value Valmiera as a great place for the development of the IT industry in part thanks to the Vidzemes University of Applied Sciences that attracts young people to the region and provides the industry with high-quality specialists.

The newspaper „Dienas Bizness” also interviewed the associate professor of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) and the director of the ViA Knowledge and Technology Centre, Kaspars Osis: ”The Vidzeme Planning Region has highlighted in its development plan IT industry as one of the priorities alongside forestry and other areas. It is great to see that new IT companies are founded in Vidzeme, in which our university graduates have perspective job opportunities. There is potential for Riga-based and international IT companies, with whom we already cooperate in both the study process and research, to expand their activity in this region. It should be noted that local companies are not serving only clients in the Vidzeme region but are also working on international projects and orders. Vidzeme is formings as an IT ecosystem, in which companies, university and municipalities are involved.Vidzeme has the potential to become an IT Mecca, and it should compete as a brand in the European market."